FIRE SALE Weapons of mass production


A congressional satire….or is it?

Weapons of mass production have just announced a sale!

This may as well be the quote from the warhawks, and the gang of congressional oligarchs and oligarch trainees. Picture the banter at a round table meeting as each of them in their infamous closed door meetings share which back door weapons manufacturers they will give contracts to as they take a cut of the sales commissions.

“Oh look Nancy, a discount when you arm fifty plus wind up psycho fanatics and seventy percent off when you can arm over one hundred”— flip flop senator

“I know a contractor that has slave labor in a foreign land and takes care of free shipping to any rubble zone in the muddled east of your choosing.”— 32 year senator

“Get this, he will also give a four percent finders fee”— casino advocating senator

“Yes and we also found a supplier that has outdated ammo stock in warehouses that will do an auction and he makes it fun like on Storage wars.” — Presidential hopeful 2016

“We never really know what we are getting but we have a script for any narrative with whatever weapons they supply and choose to use!”— tri lateral commission representative

“Ok so we do not have to worry about armaments. I think all of us have been in this business long enough to have our favorite chaos suppliers in order.”— ex vietnam 40 tear senator

“Someday this may lead to a promotion such as U.N. Council member. We can rule everyone”—32 year NWO advocate and house member

“Wait, we almost forgot….outfits. We need to locate our bandana supplier and fatigues manufacturer for our newly branded ISIL group. Let’s go with matching black bandanas with a barbed wire look embroidered so it seems like they have some edge”—thief and businessman

“My supplier’s shop is closed up. I think he retired and bought some land to stay out of the fray.”— business war lobbyist

“Ok, I know someone that can outfit the mercenary army. We can’t let things like this hold up the managed chaos. We need to erase the national borders and just give all of the land to the Saudis.”— 2 year house member globalist trainee

“They did so much for us letting us get our police state in order here at home and test out our weaponized drones in their local neighboring territories.”— black budget officer

“Yes with only oil and sand as an export we really have helped them out. We have to keep that oil price high so that our citizens can not retire from their service job.”— liason

“Yes well they do so much for us with debt borrowed taxation agendas and fattening up our wallets each year.”— 44 year senator

“Get this going, GMO food takes too long at three generations to sterilize everyone like Kiss of death Kissenger wants so we need to keep pissing away money into the sandbox for weapons to lower the reproductive youth.”— 60 year senator

“Like he said, they are all dumb animals anyways. Give them more guns for slaughtering themselves and keep making them think that paradise and godliness awaits them.”–14 year house member

“One last thing. Keep pushing for no guns for people wanting self defense. If too many get confident in their self reliance with money, food, or protection then we have no purpose. Keep them all scared.”— up and coming frontman

“If we are lucky Brizenski’s plan of global restructuring into serf and elite class will come to fruition soon. It is getting harder to lie to everyone in these press conferences.”—12 year congressman

“Well get out there and ask for another 500 million and keep those citizens in that hamster wheel
scared and discontented. Btw my foundation is doing well and you all get a tax relief bonus in the next health bill”— Rockefeller

Eugene Rountree III
High Voltage News


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