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Showing incompetence to take away nation states.

Eugene Cleapor Rountree III

High Voltage News


Make the great Republic look as though it could not survive the ‘modern world’. Even though it didn’t function as a Republic with many of the policy makers for a long time.

Here are a few big reasons how it can be made to look like America and all nation states are doomed to failure so the solution argument is to have a global governance.

-border security (no border)
-government shutdowns (socialism/ foreign aid/intentional gridlock)
-Ebola (bring it over the ocean)
-secret service (incompetence)

This argument that America has failed based on these sorts of things is not based on the real facts.

This argument is null and void based on this.

What this does prove however is that the oligarchs and policies used to get us here FAIL.

Our current situation proves that offshoring jobs, creating a welfare state, creating two class serf/ elite populations, siphoning money through taxation, price increases, pay decreases, lack of jobs, lack of personal wealth building, lack of housing, high debt and importing employees from outside of the country FAILS.

Our current situation of stripping our rights, watching our money dry up in the sand box of the middle east military testing area, and blowing billions on invasive and unnecessary spy grid material, while bringing back tanks for Police at home after toying with other countries blowing their neighborhoods up and inciting hatred and anger from them FAILS.

The globalist agenda FAILS.
Global money would FAIL.
Global religion would FAIL.
Erasure of borders through law, policy, and taxation would FAIL.

Lowering the good countries to third world status by Euro style mergers would FAIL.

Having puppets in place as a subterfuge strategy is FAILING.

Get the point?

The elite are producing the following and for no good reason except greed and exclusivity, the FAILURE OF MANKIND